Somerset Woodturners - Organisation


The purpose of our club is:

To foster a greater awareness of the turner's craft

To promote woodturning amongst both woodturners and the general public

To arrange events that encourage all to aim for, and produce, high quality turnery

To promote membership of the Somerset Woodturners Club.



Founded in 1994, The Somerset Woodturners Club is a non-profit making organisation, run wholly for the benefit of its members.


The membership fee is just £40 per year plus £3.00 for each club evening you attend.


For this you will able to learn and improve on your turning skills, watch demonstrations by invited professional turners and other skilled craftsmen, and receive the regular club magazine.


If you would like to visit us on a club evening before you decide to join, details of where to find us are given on the Location page.  Visitors to the club pay just £5 for the evening.


All are welcome, young or old, male or female, novice or expert - all you need is an interest in turning and a willingness to join in, learn and share your knowledge.


Members can borrow from the club library of books and videos about turning and allied skills. Our librarian is adding regularly to the titles. available.














 Committee Members


Steve HALE

Magnus MOATE





We would like to publish our home telephone numbers, e-mails etc.,

but given the way some people abuse the internet

we can only ask that you contact us through our club e-mail link (click here).


(we will only reply to properly identified e-mails

not anonymous or semi-anonymous addresses).


or come along on a club night

- see the Programme page for the next one - and meet us.


The club currently has about 35 members,

and on a club night we can expect around 30 to attend.


Nigel has obtained a CCTV camera and screen which we now use

so that everyone can see in detail what's going on.